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All wounds must progress through the four stages of the healing process

In normal wounds, the process of healing encompasses four stages. Chronic wounds are wounds that fail to progress in a timely fashion through the normal healing process. Chronic wounds typically get stuck in the inflammation and/or proliferation stage.3


Blood vessels constrict, platelets adhere to one another, and coagulation occurs.


Blood vessels leak transudate and cause swelling. Necrotic cells, pathogens, and bacteria collect and must be removed.


Granulation tissue forms; the wound contracts and begins to close.


Collagen fibers laid down during the proliferation phase cross-link and strengthen the fully closed wound.

What's next?

Ongoing, daily debridement

Important Safety Information:Use of SANTYL Ointment should be terminated when debridement is complete and granulation tissue is well established.

One case of systemic hypersensitivity has been reported after 1 year of treatment with collagenase and cortisone. Occasional slight transient erythema has been noted in surrounding tissue when applied outside the wound.