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Give your patients easy access to SANTYL Ointment

With SANTYL Direct, your patients get:
  • Personalized assistance
  • Answers to benefits and insurance questions
  • Directions for appropriate use
  • Prescriptions filled and delivered

Your patients are also automatically enrolled in a custom fulfillment process to ensure their SANTYL Ointment prescription gets from your office to their doorstep.

With the SANTYL Direct HCP Portal, you can:
  • Get real-time enrollment status updates 24/7
  • Submit prescriptions using the HCP Portal
  • Track a referral’s journey through the fulfillment process with our user-friendly tracking tool
  • Sign up for email updates of prescription status (optional)
  • Track prescription status via phone, too. Call 1-844-276-4273, press “2”
Prescribing through SANTYL Direct

Three easy ways to prescribe through SANTYL Direct

1. Fax script to 1-888-365-2035

2. E-prescribe with Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

  • Log onto EMR system
  • Select ASPN Pharmacies, LLC by searching via ZIP (07932), NCPDP (3147863), NPI (153850690), or phone number 1-973-295-3289
  • Submit e-prescription

3. Online using the HCP Portal at santyldirect.com

To enroll, log on to santyldirect.com or call SANTYL Direct at 1-844-276-4273, press “2”
Getting SANTYL Ointment to patients

From your office to their doorstep

Submit your prescription to SANTYL Direct

SANTYL Direct:

  • Reviews the prescription
  • Checks dosage using wound dimensions
  • Gets healthcare professional’s clearance on missing or revised information
  • Runs benefits verification
  • Identifies best available copay (applies copay card where applicable)
  • Assists with prior authorization information (if needed)
  • Contacts patient for billing information and to schedule shipping

SANTYL Ointment is promptly delivered to your patient

What's next?


Important Safety Information:Use of SANTYL Ointment should be terminated when debridement is complete and granulation tissue is well established.

One case of systemic hypersensitivity has been reported after 1 year of treatment with collagenase and cortisone. Occasional slight transient erythema has been noted in surrounding tissue when applied outside the wound.